Learning Salesforce

Large Fortune 500 companies and small startup businesses alike turn to Salesforce for their customer relationship management (CRM) needs. This course shows you how to start using Salesforce for managing all of your customer data, beyond email addresses and phone numbers. You can track each interaction, event, task, and more. Learn how to set up your profile, navigate the main tabs, search, and customize your dashboard. See how to create accounts, add your contacts, and convert leads into opportunities. Discover how to use reports to make informed decisions and close more deals. Get ready to conquer the basics and become comfortable with using this professional CRM tool.

Topics include:

  • Navigating Salesforce
  • Setting up your profile
  • Creating accounts
  • Adding contacts and leads
  • Converting leads into opportunities
  • Logging tasks, meetings, and activities
  • Running a search
  • Monitoring your dashboard
  • Customizing reports



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