How to Program: Computer Science Concepts and Python Exercises

“Hello, World!” Following tradition, write a program that produces this greeting as your first exercise in coding a computer program. Learn why Python is the ideal computer language for beginners and many others. After this lesson, follow the onscreen instructions for installing Python

Did you know...?

    Ability to think clearly and write code clearly, given that Python is strict on indentation it forces you to write readable code. Code that is readable usually involves good amount of thinking.
  1. Ready-made packages, the more I spend time programming the less code I want to own. What this implies is if there is package on Github that has commits from past 6 months I am willing to give it a try and use it in my project.
  2. Ease and Reliability, in past 6-9 months I've migrated two projects from Java and PHP. Clients are extremely happy with its performance and timeline under which it got delivered.
  3. Community, Python community is just **awesome**. Once you get into it, there are huge number of folks doing great things with Python.


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