Getting Started with Laravel (PHP Framework) Users and Authentication

Authenticating users is a core task of almost any web application you create. In this course, Getting Started with Laravel (PHP Framework) – Users and Authentication, you'll learn how to implement authentication in a Laravel application. First, you'll discover how Laravel approaches authentication. Next, you'll dive into the difference between authentication and authorization. Then, you'll learn how to implement authentication features like sign up and sign in to your app. Finally, you'll explore how to protect routes against unauthenticated access. By the end of this course, you'll be able to add authentication to all your Laravel applications.

Did you know...?

PHP is the father of the web development. It is actually developed for the web desingers initially who are little bit away from programming. However for now it is one of the greatest language to develop a web app.

If you learn it these pros will be wating for you:

  • its server side setup is really easy to deploy your application.
  • there are lots of free hosting that only support PHP applications so it makes your work easier while you are in prototype period of your application.
  • It has great community and you can find the answer for all your problems and questions.
  • If you a hacker PHP is the most basic language you need to know.
  • It supports Prodecural coding with plain PHP also it supports Object oriented paradigm with PHP4 and PHP5.
  • There are good PHP frameworks that are available for all different purposes. For example Wordpress, Dupal are CMS solutions also Symfony, CakePHP ... are the other frameworks supports MVC pattern


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