Will Vandevanter

Will is a Principal penetration tester at a small consulting firm. He enjoys Web Application Security and external attack vectors. Will has previously spoken at a number of security conferences including Blackhat, DEFCON, and TROOPERS.
Will Vandevanter is a Senior Security Researcher at Onapsis where he focuses on SAP and ERP security. Prior to Onapsis, Will was a Lead Penetration Tester at Rapid7. In his spare time, he writes code and stumbles through CTFs.

Writing Penetration Testing Reports

Writing penetration testing reports is a critical skill. Reporting occupies a considerable portion of your time on an assessment, it's a required skill on your career path, and reports are the primary deliverable to a customer on every engagement. In this course, Writing Penetration Testing Reports, you'll learn how to write penetration testing report. First, you'll discover how to report on the results from a penetration test. Next, you'll explore tips to become more effective at the reporting process. Finally, you'll learn how to save time while reporting.

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