Web Strategy, Web Design and Site Management

Learn web design basics including Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), creating links, adding graphics and applying cascading style sheets (CSS) to format and control the flow of web pages. Through hands-on exercises, gain more advanced skills such as:

  • formatting with HTML and CSS
  • Image use and optimization
  • navigation
  • incorporating video and/or sound into web pages
  • site management
  • JavaScript
  • use of online forms

The online format of the course lets you study from anywhere, anytime.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe website development issues: needs assessment, goal setting and site promotion.
  • Analyze and apply website and interface design principles.
  • Analyze interactive websites and how they are built.
  • Identify website management issues that relate to web servers.
  • Develop a management strategy to effectively deal with updates, maintenance, backup and security of websites.
  • Recognize the functionality of common web tools and use those tools to manage and update a site.
  • Develop a strategy for selecting appropriate web tools.
  • Develop and apply strategies for solving responsive design, cross-browser and cross-platform incompatibilities.
  • Use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and be aware of emerging standards such as HTML and HTML5.
  • Create websites that incorporate cascading style sheets (CSS), tables, multimedia components, JavaScript and forms.