We Want Your Courses!

Cinch Academy is dedicated to drawing in all of the courses available online and putting them here, in one place. We have 18,000+ courses as of this writing. There are a number of institutions, online learning venues and individual educators who have courses to offer. We want to feature free online courses (aka MOOCs) as well as for-credit and tuition based courses.

Our Mandate

We want to use education to change the world. The world is moving towards automation. The convergence of mobile technology, better cameras, better processing, better mechanics and more research into the field of automation and artificial intelligence is changing the world. Robots are getting cheaper. Automation is getting easier to deploy. While wages are stagnant, the cost of automated labour is dropping. It will soon be cheaper to deploy an automated system than it would be to hire a worker for the same repetitive and unfulfilling task. When that happens, a large segment of the population will be jobless.

We seek to shift the work force from uneducated jobs to skilled labour, people can tap into new markets and new opportunities. They can earn better money and working in better conditions. Gain skills that are needed in the 21st.

What Will New Jobs Look Like?

  • Change will be constant in the workplace as we get deeper into the 21st. Those who understand change and can manage it well will prosper.
  • In the information economy, it is impossible to learn everything you need to know ahead of time to do a job. Rapid learning will be commonplace. Googling something use to be a mark of shame, but that's fading as sites like Stack Overflow provide relevant new information to people who need to execute based on the current landscape as opposed to their training back in school.
  • Job classifications and occupational titles will become less important. The jobs of the future will be hyphenated; in other words, there will be a fusion of titles like carpenter-architect, accountant-sales rep, or graphic designer-webmaster. As jobs cross disciplines and technology reduces labour, broad knowledge and informal learning will be key Being able to combine a variety of skills to apply to a particular task will be increasingly important.
  • Work is becoming more “entrepreneurial” in the sense that workers have to be prepared for a variety of work alternatives and take the initiative to market their skills more creatively. The "hustle" mindset will replace the "application" mindset. People will need to use their creativity to find new opportunities where they can apply their skills and abilities. The nature of work will look different.
  • Workers can no longer expect long-term job security, but they can rely on “skills security”. If workers keep their skills up-to-date and market them effectively in areas of the economy that are growing, they will be able to find work. An essential ingredient of career self-management is knowing and developing skill sets and then finding areas of work where they can be applied.
  • Balance in life/work: Information technology is fueling the accelerating pace of change. We are “plugged in” to work more than ever before through communications (e-mail, phone, fax, pagers, the Internet). Employers have not mastered a 24x7 environment and the worker's need to time off from work. They often bleed together in an exhausting, but this will change when we get adjusted to an always-on workplace and people who would prefer a 30-hour work week. Workers will have to rethink how and where they work and find balance between earning a living and living their lives.

Ideal Courses

Do you or your institution offer online courses? We want to list ALL of the online courses available, but there are some areas that we feel exceptionally passionate about. Our editors and course prep people feel these are the best fields of study for our future and for the in-demand job sectors. We would be very interested in courses that prepare people for the following roles:

  • Dental Hygienist
  • Web development
  • Application development
  • IT Security
  • Automation systems (manufacturing and repetitive tasks)
  • Solar power and solar panel installations
  • Wind power and wind generator installations
  • Registered Nurse
  • Lawyer
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Pharmacist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator


The process is simple. Go to our Add your courses section. Follow the steps and send us your course information. We will review the information and add it to our database of courses.

More Information

To contact Cinch Academy, email us: contact@cinchacademy.com